TOP 5 Common Superstition in INDIA

TOP 5 Common Superstition in INDIA

Superstition are the misbeliefs that people believe in. Here are some of the most famous superstition that most people believe in INDIA.

Do not sweep after sunset

It is a big misbelief in India that we should not sweep after sunset. It is because the people believe that if we sweep after sunset, the goddess laxmi or prosperity will not enter instead leaving poverty behind to us.

But the actual reason behind this is in ancient times there was no electricity and the light of the lamps was not enough, so the people then used to sweep during daytime to avoid loss of precious items or ornaments.

Pregnant woman should avoid going outdoors during Eclipse

It is a misbelief that the sun was swallowed by the demon and can affect badly to the child. So the pregnant woman with unborn child in her womb should avoid going outdoors during eclipse.

But the real truth behind it is one should avoid going outdoors as the UV rays can harm us.

Falling lizard on you is considered as a bad luck?

The actual reality is that lizards are poisonous and harmful to avoid any kind of harm from the lizard, falling lizard on you is not good at all.

Broken mirror can bring 7 years of bad luck

Broken mirrors can bring 7 years of bad luck?

This superstition first evolved when the ancient people first saw the reflection in water and thought spirits live in reflection and it will be harmful to cause harm to our own image.

Donโ€™t go near a peepal tree at night

It is a popular belief that watering, worshipping and circling around the peepal tree will bring wealth, fame and abundance of happiness. But have you heard that ghosts are present around peepal tree at night.

Peepal Tree

The actual reality is not only peepal tree, one should avoid spending time in night under any tree. Trees respire just like other living beings and expels CO2 and as CO2 is heavier than air it settles in the lower layer and it become harmful for our human respiration process.

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