Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks TOP 3 POINTS JULY 2020

Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks TOP 3 POINTS JULY 2020

Do you guys love PUBG mobile? Player Unknowns Battleground as well as PUBG as known by the fans of PUBG MOBILE. Want to get the best PUBG Mobile tips and tricks.
For all the new gamers in Pubg. Want to let you know that in the game there are 100 players dropped in an island. They have to get the guns, grenades as well as the Healing items for themselves for surviving till the end.
The one surviving till the end gets a winner winner chicken dinner.

However, there are several different types of players entering the game. Such as some of them really like to get the guns and rush everywhere on the other players around map. However, some don’t like to blaze their guns and just really want to sleep the entire game. As a result, killing the last team to get the winner winner chicken dinner.

It all depends on how your gameplay is? How you want to play the game? as well as how much do you want to improve your game.
 So i have sorted out some of best tips and tricks that will help you improve your gameplay really quick.

Select your landing location carefully on the map

You have to think where to land carefully. As some locations on map are really popular among the players and some are like players don’t really like.. As there is not much loot and there no one lands so the chances of surviving there is more.

Think what type of game you prefer rush or camping and land as per you game play if you play a game more on the safe side I prefer you landing in Mylta, Farm, Gatka, Stalber, Kameshki, Zharki, Primorsk, Lipovka. And If you prefer more of a rush game play I would prefer you some of the hot – drop locations on the map such as Military base, Georgopol, Novorepnoye, Mylta Power, Rozhok.

Observe Carefully (Third Person Perspective)

Most of th players in the Pubg Mobile use to play Third Person Perspective rather than First Person Perspective.

If you hear some bullet shots or hear some footsteps, try to observe the situation and then take the action. If you go really quick instead of observing where the enemy actually is, the enemy will have more chances of winning the battle since he knows your location and you do not know his location.

So try to observe the situation if you hear any footsteps or any bullet shots near you. Try to take a third person perspective before any battl you enter so that you can get a perfect idea of where enemy is and what all guns is he using.

Use a higher damage gun if possible because higher damage guns are more efficient during the battle and your chances of winning increases eventually. As well as use a midrange assault rifle, light machine guns or sniper as your secondary weapon for mid range or long ranger fights.

Stick to vehicles

Wheels are better than legs. So in short you have to find vehicles for your transportation. As running in a map like erangel or Miramar really becomes more of an headache.

Even when you go for the next zone many times you suffer and in some cases you even die outside the blue zone which is worst. Keeping a vehicle with you is really a good idea.

pubg vehicles

You can find vehicles spawned on the roads and near the cities as well as in the garages in most of the cities. It will really help you to travel from zone to zone or for vanishing if someone rushes on you or maybe when you want to chase some one.

So these are the three most important tips for you to get a chicken dinner. Try to follow these tips i hope it will help you to iprove your game to a greater extent
It will really help you get a winner winner chicken dinner.

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Hope you learn something from these Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks.

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