Myths and facts about Food Most Important Points- JULY 2020

Myths and facts about Food Most Important Points- JULY 2020

Does Carbohydrates make you fat? Will having protein make you look muscular as well as will help you increase your size of muscles.
I have sorted out some of the myths and facts about the food that I hope you will find helpful.

If you are confused about What to eat? When to eat? How much to eat? as well as what physical activities to do in order to stay healthy?

What all are the myths about the food we have everyday? These myths and facts about food will help you to improve your day to day life.

What all are the myths about the food we have everyday.

Fats Will Make You Become Fat

Fat had a really worst name among the people. However, people had forgot there is a thing known as good fats. These fats are found in nuts, Olive oil, Salmon as well as avocados.

Fat contains more calories than the proteins as well as carbohydrates but still fats are one of the most essential part of our diet.

salmon myths and facts about food

Eating More Proteins Will Make You Muscular

Most of the people in the gyms try to suggest the peoples around to eat more and more of proteins for getting muscular. However, eating proteins is essential but till it is needed to your body. Everything beyond limit is harmful.

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As a result, training in gyms in which you use the body weights as resistance as well as yoga which will make your look more defined and good in appearance. But still a lots of protein is not necessary for your body and will not help you gain muscle if you over do it.

Egg Yolks Are Bad For You

People try not to eat egg yolk as it has heat in it. However, most of the people try to avoid egg yolk.

egg yolk myths and facts about food

But in the actual reality egg yolks are the real goldmines of nutrition which to used to throw everytime for your muscle growth.However, two yolks of eggs contain the per day requirement for the choline which is an essential for brain.

Eggs In the morning breakfast will help you fill you and will help you prevent you from over eating.

To Lose Weight Avoid Indulging

Eating and digesting is all about balance.

However, one should not resist something from eating as there is always room for the foods in your body in small quantities. If you restrict the food you used to like so much this will end up you over eating the food more and more when you consume it.

indulging myths and facts about food

It Takes 7 Years To Digest Gum

One thing that sends you directly to the panic situation is that you have swallowed a gum. You are always scared of this thing that if you swallow a gum. Even now and even in your childhood.

bubble gum myths and facts about food

Talking about the gun it do not get any special treatments in our digestive system. Our digestive system treats every food in the same manner.

Milk Makes Your Bones Stronger

Get ready for a shocking fact. The fact is that Milk might be the reason due to which the bones might become weak as well as lose calcium. Which is exactly opposite of what advertising offers us.

However, this was studied and published in Journal of Nutrition in clinical Practice

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Hope you like the actual reason behind the Myths and Facts about food.

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