Logic Behind Famous Superstitions in India

Logic Behind Famous Superstitions in India

Indian culture is full of superstitions and full of beliefs. There is nothing wrong in believing in gods and culture. But have you ever noticed that there are some sayings (superstitions) in every culture but you aren’t able to understand the logical truth behind it.
Here are some famous superstitions in India and the logic behind them.

Have some curd and sugar before exams

Have you ever noticed that you should have sugar and curd before attending a meeting, exams, or any work. Because it is a good luck.
Have you ever thought why only sugar and curd?

Actually, it is because curd keeps your body temperature cool and refreshes your mind. While the glucose present in the sugar provides you instant energy

Throwing coins in pure rivers.

Throwing coins in pure rivers like Narmada, Ganga, Saraswati, Jamuna, etc. fulfills your wishes and brings you fortune.

But it is because in ancient times the coins were made up of pure silver and copper as well as they are the natural water purifiers. By throwing coins in rivers it purifies water which is good for humans as well as animals. But now humans are throwing a single coin and ask for a lot in return. It’s a fact.

You should not cut your nails in evening.

Cutting your nails in evening is considered as a bad luck.

It is because in ancient times there were no nail cutters so the peoples used knife or some sharp tools to cut their nails and there was light problem in the evening which make the task more difficult and the chances of mixing the nails with food is more. So they used to give the advise not to the cut nails in evening

STOP when black cat crosses your path

It is said that if black cat crosses your path you should wait for some time and then proceed.

This superstition fits perfectly in ancient times as there were no vehicles the people at that time used bullock carts or used animals for transport purposes. While travelling in evening, the eyes of cats used to shine due to which the animals used for transport tends to fear and it becomes difficult for peoples to control them.

Hanging lemon and 7 chillies

Hanging lemon and 7 chillies outside of your car, houses and shops helps you to prevent evil eyes from harm.

This is truly a false belief as the accidents occur even after hanging the lemons and chillies. The reason behind hanging the lemon and chillies is that the citric acid present in lemon and capsaicin present in chillies have anti-bacterial and anti-insect properties which helps to keep the mosquitoes, flies, etc. away

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