How much PUBG Earn Per Day? PUBG MOBLE – JULY 2020

How much PUBG Earn Per Day? PUBG MOBLE – JULY 2020

How much PUBG Mobile earn per day?

Lets know what actually PUBG is?

Pubg is a battle royale game. During this game 100 players are made to travel in a very plane. However, after entering the match, they need to settle on their landing location. As well as land with their choice where they need to.

After landing on the island the all 100 players need to loot on their respective locations. As a result, obtain the guns, healing items as well as grenades for themselves. So as to interact within the fights heading towards. All the players need to fight one another in order to survive. Because the area where players need to stay shrinks after a specific time. The players outside the Blue zone gets damage and reduces their health constantly.

They have to survive till the top . However, the player or the only team at the top which survives wins the entire game and gets a winner winner chicken dinner.

How Much Pubg Earn Per Day?

PUBG Mobile earned over $1.3 billion in 2019. Popular battle royale title PUBG Mobile generated at least $1.3 billion in revenue in 2019, according to a report by data analytics firm Sensor Tower.

Pubg for the PC version earned about $ 790 million (around 463 crores) roughly in the year 2019

According to the information of the Super- Data Company, Pubg Mobile earned around 1 billion (7000 crore approx) in the year 2018. Pubg mobile has a lot of users with them as they have a lot of players who invest in the game their income is certainly high.

According to the calculation, if Pubg Mobile earns 7000 crore monthly then the per day income of pubg mobile is 20 crore Indian rupees. According to the report, PUBG Mobile earned about $32.5 million  in the month of November in the year 2018. 32.5 millon dollars is approximately 230 crore Indian rupees.

Reason of the increasing income of the Pubg Mobile

The reason behind the fact that the earning of the owner of the pubg mobile keeps on increasing day by day. This is because the players connected to this community keeps on increasing and the game is becoming popular day by day. This results in the increasing income of the Pubg Mobile.

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