Facts about water

Facts about water

There are very few things without which humans can’t live. However, water is one of them. It is the most important resource for all living beings on earth. There are a lots of amazing facts about which you must know.

Water, we cleanse ourselves, we drink water as well as use it for swimming. Also, we use it in almost every process. Still there are not many people who know what water is all about as well as how interesting it really is.

Here, we will teach you a thing or two mind-blowing facts about water.

Amazing and Mind-Blowing Facts about Water

1. Water is Sticky

2. 3.4 Million Peoples Die Every Year Due to Water

3. Earth Is Made Up Of 72% Water

4. Water Contains 0 Calories

5. Adult Human Body Contains 60% of Water

6. There is Same Amount of Water as there was Before 2 Billion Years Ago

7. A person can live 3 days without water

Water is Sticky

facts about water

Water is actually sticky because it is wet. But when it dries then it don’t feel sticky. But water molecules love to stick itself other things especially other water molecules.

3.4 Peoples Die Every Year Due to Water

Almost more than half population on the whole earth don’t have access to sanitization. Therefore, 3-4 million peoples die due to water related diseases every year.

facts about water

However, almost 5,000 children die every day because of dirty or cloudy water dirty or cloudy water.

Earth Is Made Up Of 72% Water

facts about water

How much surface of earth is covered with water? It is almost 330 million cubic miles. However, according to the study of U.S. Geological Survey about 72% of earth surface is covered with water.

Also, out of the total percentage of water present 97% is salty ocean water which is not drinkable.

Water Contains 0 Calories

Yes, water contains absolutely 0 calories still it is essential liquid for our day to day life.

Water is an inorganic, transparent, tasteless, odourless as well as nearly colorless chemical substance. Also, it is essential for all the living beings on earth to survive.

Adult Human Body Contains 60% of Water

Up to 60% of the adults human body consists of water.

 According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, Brain as well as heart consists of 73% water, lungs consists of 83% water, Skin is composed with 63% water, muscles and kidneys are 79%, also, out bones are composed of 31% water.

There is Same Amount of Water as there was 2 Billion Years Ago

facts about water

Water can be found in three forms which are Solid, Liquid as well as Gases. Therefore, water is present in all the three forms.

However, there is still the same amount of water as there was when Earth was formed.

A person can live 3 days without water

Every person is different as well as every person has different condition. However, there exist a rule of 3s which is a person can live 3 minutes without oxygen, 3 days without water and 3 weeks without food.

Still, an article in Archiv Fur Kriminologie explained that a human body can survive for 8 to 21 days complete without food as well as water.

Hope you loved and also enjoyed theses amazing and mind blowing facts about water.

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