DOWSING – Coconut Senses Underground Water?

DOWSING – Coconut Senses Underground Water?

A coconut, of which husks are removed except on the stalk (tip), is held within the hand of Dowser (the person who performs the activity) and walks within the field. As soon as the person holding the coconut on his palm comes around the stream, the tip of the coconut starts rising upwards.

This technique of finding water under the ground is known as DOWSING. DOWSING is considered as a false belief in peoples.

How it works?

To describe their methods of DOWSING using coconut, they just carry the coconut walking in field believing that they have godly powers. Dowsing with a coconut is done by the person (dowser) holding the coconut in his hand.

While walking around the field when the dowser reaches the stream the coconut turns vertical. It feels like the movements are involuntary but it is caused due to the ideomotor movements (muscle movements caused by the subconscious mental activity). The coconut becomes heavy that actually they can feel the change in the weight at the places where there is groundwater due to magnetic.

Types of Dowsing

DOWSING which is also known as water witching is done in various ways:-

  • Coconut:- Dowser holds the coconut in his hand and walks in the field where the coconut rises up it resembles that there is water under the ground.
  • Forked stick:- It is most commonly used dowsing instrument they uses a Y-shaped branch of tree. The person holds the branch parallel to the ground, when person reaches stream both the ends of tree branch falls down at the point where water can be found.
  • RODS:- In this method, person uses to L-shaped rods holding them parallel, when the person reaches the stream the rods cross each other or go away from each other.

Some researchers explained that dowsing is a false belief, and there is no such thing as water dowsing

Of course, there is no explanation of water divining. Some people were able to find the water under the ground simply by moving their hand at the point where water already exists. We cannot conclude the result since we do not have any scientific reason of water dowsing.

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